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Thank you for visiting Buffman Detailing. My name is McLain, and I am the owner and operator of Buffman Detailing. I started Buffman Detailing because I have a passion for cars and I love to share my expertise in order to help others. I started in automotive repair and I am still there today. I started in my garage working on my Mercedes and now I'm a licensed Smog Repair Technician and Smog Inspector. I am also an ASE certified Master Technician with multiple advanced certifications and hold a Factory Certification from Volkswagen, where I started my professional career.

When it comes to detailing I started just as I did with auto repair: in my garage. I took my passion for automotive and applied it to detailing. I have always believed that, just as time and money is spent to keep up a vehicle's pristine mechanical condition, meticulous care for the interior and exterior should be a regular part of car maintenance. My passion for detailing has led me to constantly refine my techniques and I am always seeking out the latest technology in both chemicals and tools.

When I started Buffman Detailing I worked as a mobile detailer just doing regular cleanings. I soon came to realize that I wasn't providing a unique service to my area. As a student of paint correction and deep cleanings, I decided to cease with the mobile detailing and focus solely on paint correction. To this day I am constantly studying the latest techniques and adding new tools and chemicals to my arsenal.

Thank you again for visiting Buffman Detailing. I look forward to helping you achieve the best finish and protection possible on your vehicle.

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